Areas of Expertise


  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Relationship problems

  • School / Job performance problems

  • Food allergies

  • Behavioral issues

  • Personality disorders

  • Codependency

  • Coping skills

  • Divorce / Marital relationship conflict

  • Emotional disturbance

  • Family conflict

  • Grief and loss

  • Infertility and adoption

  • Infidelity

  • Parenting

  • Peer relationships

  • Pregnancy, prenatal, postpartum

  • Self Esteem

  • Sexuality

  • Spirituality

  • Transitional / Age / Youth adjustment disorder

  • Trauma and PTS

  • Women's Issues

Common Issues


Consultation is a service I provide for adults who are experiencing problems or concerns related to specific life situations. Generally, these clients are not experiencing a psychological disorder, rather, they are looking for an expert to discuss a situational problem.

​Examples of areas that I consult on are: how to get a loved one to seek mental health services, examining a course of action for treatment, and second opinions on mental health cases.

Client Testimonials

The following are examples of reasons clients have called for a phone consultation:

  • "My child has been stealing money from me. When I ask him about it he repeatedly lies to me. Is this normal? How should I handle this?"

  • "My daughter is experiencing symptoms of anxiety. She worries all the time and has been having difficulty sleeping. How do I know if it is a problem?"

  • "My ex-husband is harassing me about parenting. He has different rules in his house, or no rules at all. How do I handle this?"

  • "Is it okay to lie to my child to avoid talking about something that makes me feel uncomfortable?"

  • "I think my husband is drinking too much alcohol. How should I approach the topic with him?"

  • "My child's former teacher committed suicide and I feel guilty that I haven't told him. How do I tell him his teacher has died, and what should I tell him about suicide?"

  • "My step-mother is inquiring at my child's school about her performance. What can I say to her to make it stop without offending her?"

  • "I am feeling sad and depressed. How do I know if it is time to see a therapist?"

Individual &

Group Therapy

In my private practice, I work with adolescents and adults who are experiencing emotional distress. My specific areas of specialization are treating anxiety and depression related disorders.  These disorders can manifest themselves in many ways including relationship/interpersonal problems, school/professional problems, emotion regulation problems, behavior problems and negative thinking patterns.

I work collaboratively with my clients and use a variety of Evidence Based Therapies (EBTs) to decrease symptoms, elevate/regulate mood, and increase functioning. In our sessions, a client can expect a confidential and empathic environment to voice difficulties and learn new ways of coping. Through examining a client's thoughts, behaviors, and emotions a client will gain a better understand of what causes their distress, learn alternative ways of coping, and how to change their thinking patterns..
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I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.

- Carl Jung

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Dr. Marsh is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in cultivating mental health. This includes national professional speaking engagements with businesses, associations, and nonprofits as well as an active private practice.