Gretchen came highly recommended from a friend to help with my 15 year old’s school anxiety and recent cancer diagnosis of her father.   Not only did Gretchen put my daughter instantly at ease, she gave my daughter coping mechanisms, encouraged clearer communication of her feelings and helped me navigate our changing mother/daughter relationship.  Gretchen is a focused listener who remembers details and builds from session to session to further the goals of treatment and resilience.  Gretchen has helped our entire family move through anxiety, cancer diagnosis and now grief with clarity, compassion and expertise.  If we encounter a problem in our family we usually stop and say, “What would Gretchen say in this situation?” Her guidance has been invaluable, and we feel fortunate to have found her in our quest for better mental health as a family.  

I have been meaning to send you an email to let you know how well my daugher is doing and to say thank you. She still uses the tools you taught her and references you when she is having a bad time with something. She talks about how much she likes you and misses you. You have made a huge impact on her life! On our lives.  Especially my relationship with my daughter. So, thank you for your kind words, patience and understanding. You truly have a gift.

You were a very integral part of my son’s healing, and went above and beyond to fit him into your schedule to help him…. I wanted to make sure that I expressed my deepest gratitude to you for everything you have done to help my son….. I will always think of you in the highest regard, and hold you dear to my heart as someone who held my son’s health in such high regard.

“I have regularly contacted Gretchen for phone consultations since my divorce. We have spoken 8-10 times about establishing a new relationship with my ex, how to maintain boundaries, and for emotional support. She has been very knowledgeable and supportive during this transition. The last time we spoke I was very upset about my current romantic relationship. Gretchen listened and explained to me how my former relationship was interfering with my current relationship and how therapy would help.”

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