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About Gretchen

Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Researcher, and Speaker on a Mission to Destigmatize Mental Health

Gretchen is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in cultivating mental health. This includes national professional speaking engagements with businesses, associations, and nonprofits as well as an active private practice.

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"We had dozens of employees go out of their way to thank our leadership team for making an investment in their mental health, and how it helped them and their families."

John Tracy, CEO - Bluewater Technologies

Keynote Speaking Program

Mental Wellness: Breaking the Stigma and Finding Solutions

Come learn empirically validated strategies to not only immediately improve your mental health, but to also prevent mental health problems in the future.

Transform negative emotions into strength and resilience
Learn surprising symptoms of mental health and how to act
Know how and when to seek professional treatment
Destigmatizing Mental Health

Other Mental Health Keynote Topics

Decreasing Stress in the Workplace

Suicide Prevention & Awareness

Supporting Children's Mental Health

How Stress Affects How We Feel, Think and Behave & How to Break the Cycle

Supporting Employees' Mental Health

Building Cognitive Flexibility

Childhood Anxiety: Symptoms and Solutions

Re-Entry Into Workplace


What Gretchen's Clients Have to Say

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"An insightful program for our team members on the topic of mental health. Great resources and practical tools for everyone to consider."

Richard Krout
Asst. VP of HR, Walbridge

"We have heard from employees across the globe, at all levels, that they highly valued how the presentations crush the mental health stigma and taught them ways to improve and prevent mental health problems for themselves and their family.  All companies would benefit from Gretchen’s knowledge and expertise."

Ray Scott
CEO, Lear Corporation

"She demonstrated tools that could be put into practice immediately to have an impact on daily lives."

Senior HR Manager, Epitec

"Gretchen is an insightful, dynamic and engaging speaker who couples teaching about maintaining good mental health with actionable techniques which can immediately improve daily life and work in healthy time efficient ways. Her presentation is the best I’ve seen for companies and organizations that are truly committed to the overall health and well-being of their people."

Jay Alix
Founder, AlixPartners

"Dr. Marsh provided a clear overview of anxiety and depression and interventions for both."

Susan Gwizdz
Marketing & Communications, Next
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In the past several years, there has been an exponential spike in anxiety and depression related disorders resulting in negative effects for both the individual and employer. This coupled with the fact there are not enough great mental health providers has caused a national crisis.

Book Gretchen today to turn you and your team's negative emotions into areas of strength and resilience.

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