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Mental Health: Breaking the Stigma and Finding Solutions

In the past several years, there has been an exponential spike in anxiety and depression related disorders resulting in negative effects for children, teens and adults.  This coupled with the fact there are not enough great mental health providers has caused a national crisis.  

Come learn empirically validated strategies to not only immediately improve your mental health, but to also prevent mental health problems in the future.  These strategies are exactly what Dr. Marsh teaches her private clients, but taught in a quick & easy way to understand and implement.  This transformative and positive presentation provides actionable tools to cause change.

How the exponential spike in mental health problems has effected us all in our lives
Learn the surprising common and not so common symptoms of mental health problems and specifically what do about them
Learn how to tolerate, cope and change your negative emotions transforming them into areas of strength and resilience
Understand how our feelings, thoughts and behaviors are interdependent and how to cause positive change in each domain
Specific actions to decrease and eliminate anxiety and depression
Tips and tricks for individuals and families to improve mental health
Know how and when to seek professional treatment
60-90 minute keynotes and workshops
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Are Schools Ready and Equipped With The Tools to Tackle the Mental Health Crisis?


79% of children with mental health disorders don't receive treatment

1/2 at 14

Approximately half (50%) of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14



Over 2.5 million (10.6% of youth in the U.S.) have severe major depression

"She explains warning signs and gives strategies and resources for instant and long-term support. This succinct presentation is valuable to students, teachers, employees, and managers."

President, Friends of Different Leaders

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