Mind the Workplace: The Employer's Responsibility to Employee Mental Health



Only 24% of employees believe their companies care about their wellness



40% of those who quit their job in 2021 cited mental health as a top reason for leaving


$1 ➡️ $4

For every $1 invested in mental health, companies receive $4 in return

Popular Keynote Topic #1

Mental Health: Breaking the Stigma and Finding Solutions

In the past several years, there has been an exponential spike in anxiety and depression related disorders resulting in negative effects for both the individual and employer.  This coupled with the facts getting mental health treatment is expensive, carries a stigma and a shortage of mental health professionals has caused a national crisis.

Come learn empirically validated strategies to not only immediately improve your mental health, but to also prevent mental health problems in the future.  These strategies are exactly what Dr. Marsh teaches her private clients, but taught in a quick & easy way to understand and implement.  This  transformative and positive presentation provides actionable tools to cause change.

How the exponential spike in mental health problems has effected us all in our personal and professional lives
Learn the surprising common and not so common symptoms of mental health problems and specifically what do about them
Learn how to tolerate, cope and change your negative emotions transforming them into areas of strength and resilience
Learn strategies to decrease burnout and increase work performance
Know how and when to seek professional treatment
Time for Q&A
60-90 minute keynotes and workshops
This program is perfect for:
Leaders & Managers
Team Members & Employees
Popular Keynote Topic #2

Cultivating Mental Wellness: Learn Strategies for Coping and Thriving in Every Area of Life

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the stressors of the world today?  Do you find that the way that you feel is having negative effects on your professional and personal life ultimately limiting your potential?  

Join Dr. Marsh for an informative and empowering session while learning valuable tools to help create mental wellness in your everyday life.  

Specifically, you will learn how stress affects your mind and your body. More importantly, you will learn exactly what to do when life is challenging that will help you to live a happier, healthier and more productive life.

Why the current stressors of the world resulted in increased mental health problems
How stress affects our thoughts, feelings and behaviors and how change it
How to prevent mental health problems in the future
Tips and Tricks to improve your mental health starting TODAY
Time for Q&A
60-90 minute keynotes
This program is perfect for:
Leaders & Managers
Team Members & Employees
Popular Keynote Topic #3

How Stress Affects How We Feel, Think and Behave & How to Break the Cycle

Did you know that stress not only affects how we feel but also causes negative changes in our thought and behavior patterns?  Most people are unaware about how the relationships between feelings, thoughts and behaviors are interdependent causing obstacles both professionally and personally.  

Come learn how to become aware of our negative feeling, thinking and behaving patters and more importantly how to change them to live a more productive and satisfying life. Changing these patterns is actually quite easy and you will see immediate results in your life.

How our feelings, thoughts and behaviors can cause mental health problems resulting in negative effects in professional and personal life
How to change negative thinking patterns causing improved emotional and behavioral health
How to cope with negative emotions and mobilize more positive behaviors patterns
How to build resilience in yourself and those around you
Time for Q&A
60-90 minute keynotes and workshops
This program is perfect for:
Leaders & Managers
Team Members & Employees

"Gretchen's presentation is easy to follow and understand, she is highly approachable, and made an immediate impact on our team."

CEO, Bluewater Technologies

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