Speaking Topics

  • Mental Health: Breaking the Stigma & Finding Solutions

  • Decreasing Stress in the Workplace

  • Supporting Employees' Mental Health

  • Re-Entry Into Workplace/School/Social Settings

  • Building Cognitive Flexibility

  • Effective & Positive Communication

  • Solutions to Social Anxiety at Work

  • Negative Thinking-How to Break the Cycle

  • How Stress Affects How we Think, Feel and Behave and How to Combat It

  • Healthy Parenting

  • What are Anxiety and Depression and What Can I Do About It?

  • Mental & Physical Self-Care

  • Attitude, Empathy and Letting Go

  • The Mind Body Connection

Mental Health: Breaking the Stigma and Finding Solutions

Improve Performance. Drive Meaningful Change.

Learn empirically validated and easy to understand strategies to improve mental health.

Reduce anxiety by understanding the connection between feelings, behaviors and thoughts.

Gain immediately actionable tips to take care of your S.E.L.F.

I work with businesses, associations and nonprofits to speak with their groups about the importance of mental health. Your team will learn practical, effective and empirically validated strategies to improve mental health. These strategies are easy to understand and can be immediately implemented to cause change as you will learn the relationships between thoughts, behaviors and emotions and how change in one of these domains consequently causes long-lasting change in the other domains.


Mental Health

My most requested speech is entitled “Mental Health: Breaking the Stigma and Finding Solutions.”  This speech, which may be modified to the specific needs of an organization, will educate as to how stress impacts our minds and our bodies. The audience will learn the connection between our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Most importantly, they will learn what can be done to improve mental health and prevent long-term mental health problems as well as how and when to seek treatment, if necessary.

Client Feedback

Following is a list of companies where I have had the opportunity to speak about the importance of mental health and what they've had to say. 

Want to work together? Here is what to expect.

  1.  We’ll start with a quick conversation so I can understand your group and the change or education you want to bring them.

  2.  I’ll custom craft a presentation that fits your needs and will resonate with your group.

  3.  I believe that a great presentation is easy to understand for anyone in your audience.

  4.  Clients tell me I’m very approachable which helps remove the stigma of a stuffy stereotypical psychologist.

  5.  Your group will walk away with an education, and immediately actionable tips to improve their own mental health, as well as help their peers, team members, and their families.

  6.  I’ll make this really easy for you and share my proven process to deliver a high impact presentation.

Contact me to check availability and book a virtual or in-person speaking engagement.

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We had dozens of employees go out of their way to thank our leadership team for investing in their mental health, and how it helped their families

John Tracy, CEO - Bluewater Technologies 

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Dr. Marsh provided a clear overview of anxiety and depression and interventions for both.

Susan Gwizdz, Marketing & Communications – NEXT 

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An insightful program for our team members on the topic of mental health. Great resources and practical tools for everyone to consider. Highly recommended!

Richard Krout, Asst. VP of HR - Walbridge 


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Dr. Marsh is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in cultivating mental health. This includes national professional speaking engagements with businesses, associations, and nonprofits as well as an active private practice.